I am so excited to write this blog, I was even more excited to shoot this duo!!

When I met Stephanie for our initial consultation, I knew right away I was going to have a blast at her photoshoot.  Before I even had the chance to meet Rebel, I knew they had an amazing relationship.  Stephanie portrayed it to with pure bliss and an expression of euphoria as she was talking about him.  She told me the story of how they came together and the conditions he had been put in prior to their partnership.  I love rescue stories, and what I love even more is knowing that the innocent, sweet, and one-of-a kind guys who were mistreated eventually end up in the right hands.

Rebel is an older Tennessee Walking horse, and as cute as a button! Anyone that knows me, knows I have a place in my heart for the little old geldings with “jack-in-the-box” personalities.  Lots of energy and a bit of sass— Rebel fits the ticket.  His personality basically had me (and my assistant for the evening Raeanna) smiling ear to ear the entire shoot, he has got it going on and he doesn’t only know it- he FEELS it!

Check out some photos from this shoot!


We started out with the usual “barn door” shots that we all know and love, eventually made our way out of the gorgeous barn, into barn #2, then into a nearby field where Rebel promptly decided that he was done and the shoot was over. 😛 …..but that’s okay, we got everything we needed– PERFECTION!


3 thoughts on “8.14.17

  1. Renae, you could of not captured him any better! I truly had so much fun and I know Rebel did too! I could not thank you enough! Every time I look at them they make me smile.,.. now my picking list comes!


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